1. Locations of gyms are submitted by logged in users. If a wrong address is posted, please contact a moderator in the Lakes Of Blaine 7PM Raids Group. Include the name of the gym, city the gym is in, and the correct address.

2. Active raids are submitted by logged in users of this website. We assume no responsibility for incorrect raid information. If you are posting in a raid thread, please do your best to be accurate with time estimates.

3. You must be logged in to perform certain actions of the website. This is done to be able to track who submitted information so they can be held accountable. Intentionally providing false information may lead to disciplinary action as determined by the moderating team.

4. On raid pages you are limited on using the Get Directions button. This is done because the Google Maps Directions API is limited on the number of free requests per day. The address at the top is a link to open the address in Google Maps and has no limit.

5. In order to register on this website, you are required to have an account on Facebook. The website asks for permission to access your first name, last name, and email address. Your email address is never given to any users. You may be emailed updates from time to time regarding changes to the website, but not from other users. Your location is used to determine the most relevant raids and to connect with other people in your area.

6. Any comments you make in a raid thread will display your first and last name just like they would on Facebook. This helps identify who is speaking. Inappropriate content in any form will not be tolerated.

7. The only country that is currently supported is United States. This is to make sure the server can handle the load necessary and so there aren't any surprises on the bill.

8. If you have an idea to improve the website, start a discussion in the Lakes Of Blaine 7PM Raids Group. Some ideas will not be accepted. Ideas that use Niantic's Servers to get Pokemon Locations and upcoming raids are examples of ideas that will not be accepted since it would constitute unauthorized use of their resources. Those also have the possibility of being taken down at any time Niantic decides to put its foot down.

9. The website will always remain free to use, however, if you wish to make a donation to help with server costs Click Here. Please leave a message for me on Facebook so I know.
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